Key Projects

Gondwana Rainforest Sanctuary

Constructed within the Brisbane Southbank Parkland, Gondwana Rainforest Sanctuary is a 2355 square meter site which brings together Free Form Rock Structures, elevated walkways, cascading waterfalls, waterways. These were combined with fauna and flora from temperate, subtropical and tropical rainforest settings by natural history exhibit specialists David & Irene Joffe in conjunction with Guymer Bailey Architects. The entire setting is enclosed by a fully prefabricated cable net roof structure.

Fabrication and erection of steel trusses, cables and aviary net were undertaken by Steelfinne Fabrications Pty Ltd. Trusses were transported to site in three sections, spliced on the ground, and then lifted in one piece into position using a mobile crane. The masts, trusses and stays are finished with Jotun Armourkey, 605PF - Imperial Ivy Green.

The net is trafficable for maintenance and harness are used for the safety of personnel working on the net surface.

The aviary net consists of a two way grid of steel cables. With attached 1.3mm black painted wire mesh, supported by curved steel arch trusses spaced at 6 to 11m centres. The resultant roof shape is a balanced anticlastic saddle surface. Design of the cable network was undertaken through computer surface analysis to ensure accurate cable lengths.

Wind loads are transferred through the cable grid and arches to edge catenary cables which are in turn tied to the rock structure at various locations be a three dimensional arrangement of 101 x 3.6 CHS, Grade 350.

The steel arch trusses consist of a 219 x 6.4 CHS, Grade 350 top chord and a 76 x 3.2 CHS, Grade 350 bottom chord with 60 x 3.6 CHS Grade 250 web members. The trusses span 24.5mm between 324 x 6.4 Grade 350 columns with a 5m overhang each end and are further supported by cables hung from the column mast. The net consists of 19mm diameter primary and 8mm diameter secondary galvanized cables with double 22mm diameter galvanised edge cables.

The Gondwana Rainforest Sanctuary is a testament to Steelfinne Fabrications quality and versatility in design, fabrication, installation and management of highly complex steel fabrication projects.

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